Three Ways You Can Wear Your College-Themed Rain Boots All Year Long

9 December 2015
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You've found the perfect pair of rain boots to display your college pride. The only problem is that spring has long faded away and so has the rainfall. Don't fret. You can still wear your rain boots, look great and feel comfortable. Here are just some of the stylish ways you can rock your favorite boots all year long. Wear With Similarly Colored Pants One of the factors that make these boots so helpful in the rain is that they are tall and typically extend to just below the knee. Read More 

The New Parent’s Quick And Easy Guide To Baby Clothing

19 October 2015
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Babies are nothing short of a lifelong bundle of joy. However, it would be unfair to not also mention the fact that they are a lot of work. It's not only important for new parents to learn proper feeding and swaddling techniques, but they also need to be experts on baby products, specifically clothing. A newborn's clothes shouldn't just be stylish, but they should also be safe for their delicate skin and highly-functional. Read More 

3 Ways To Make Your Marketing More Appealing

19 August 2015
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Marketing is the lifeblood of a successful business. If your marketing isn't working for you, you are missing out on opportunities to sell your product to your ideal client base. For clothing companies, the right marketing moves can help you pinpoint your market and make your products stand out above the rest. Below are 3 helpful ways to make your marketing more appealing. 1: Know Your Competitors In the clothing industry, competition can be fierce. Read More 

How To Help Your Husband Build His Wardrobe

12 August 2015
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Do you sometimes chuckle at the combinations your husband puts together as he gets dressed for the day? If he doesn't know how to choose shirts of colors that will complement a necktie, or if he makes other choices that don't enhance the way he wears his clothes, perhaps he'd appreciate some help from you. Here are some ideas that might help as the two of you build a great wardrobe for his side of the closet: Read More 

Wedding Traditions: To Be An Authentic Old School Bride, Don’t Wear A White Dress

10 August 2015
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If you want to wear a wedding dress in any color except white, the world and history are on your side. That's because pure white gowns are a relatively recent development in the matrimonial fashion world, and they still haven't caught on in many parts of the world.    You have a queen to thank for the white bridal gown. In 1840, at her wedding to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria disappointed a lot of the English public when she wore a white wedding gown she designed herself. Read More