The New Parent's Quick And Easy Guide To Baby Clothing

19 October 2015
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Babies are nothing short of a lifelong bundle of joy. However, it would be unfair to not also mention the fact that they are a lot of work. It's not only important for new parents to learn proper feeding and swaddling techniques, but they also need to be experts on baby products, specifically clothing. A newborn's clothes shouldn't just be stylish, but they should also be safe for their delicate skin and highly-functional.

Stick With Cotton

When it comes to choosing clothes for your newborn, it's a great idea to stick with cotton. Your baby's skin is delicate and highly susceptible to rashes and irritation from chemicals used in many fabric blends and other products. Cotton is without these risks. Ideally, you want to look for options made from organic cotton.

If unavailable, a 100% combined cotton blend is alternative. As an extra tip, make sure you're washing your baby's organic or combined blend cotton in a baby-safe, unscented laundry detergent. Similar to non-cotton blend fabrics, harsh ingredients in these detergents can also agitate your baby's skin.

Consider Functionality

The second most important thing to consider with baby clothing is functionality. If this is your first child, you will quickly realize that dressing and undressing your baby is a non-stop process throughout the day. If it's not a diaper mishap, it's a feeding mishap or some other issue that causes you to change your little one.

The best way to navigate through these tough times is to stick with t-shirts or onesies. Both of these options are very easy to put on and take off. Zippers, buttons and other complicated clothing styles are not. T-shirts and onesies are also great options because they can be personalized with unique graphics or saying for a more stylish look. Look around for personalized baby t-shirts.

Don't Forget Growth

Some new parents get so caught up in the idea of having a newborn baby that they somehow forget the baby will grow. They end up with an excessive amount of newborn sized clothing that their child will only be able to wear for a short period. It's a good idea to purchase a variety of clothing spanning all the sizes that encompass the first year.

Shopping this way doesn't cause you to spend wastefully on clothing that your child might not ever wear and it allows you to be prepared in the event your child grows rapidly.

When shopping for your baby's clothing, remember, style is only the first layer. Make sure you are making wise choices.