Three Ways You Can Wear Your College-Themed Rain Boots All Year Long

9 December 2015
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You've found the perfect pair of rain boots to display your college pride. The only problem is that spring has long faded away and so has the rainfall. Don't fret. You can still wear your rain boots, look great and feel comfortable. Here are just some of the stylish ways you can rock your favorite boots all year long.

Wear With Similarly Colored Pants

One of the factors that make these boots so helpful in the rain is that they are tall and typically extend to just below the knee. However, this same factor can sometimes make these boots look clunky or awkward when it's not raining, discouraging some people from wearing them.

There is a way to make your boots blend in if that makes you feel more comfortable. If you pair your boots with a similarly colored pant, this can make them somewhat blend in. For example, a black boot would look great with a dark colored denim pant.

Pack On The Insulation

You might be discouraged against wearing your favorite college themed rain boots during the winter because compared to regular boots, they don't exactly offer much in the area of insulation. This could leave your feet cold and unprotected in extreme weather. You can limit this issue by wearing a thick sock with your boots and a nice stylish pair of leg warmers.

They both help better insulate you, and the leg warmers can be used as a way to add color and dimension to your outfit. When choosing socks, make sure you are choosing a pair with good moisture absorbing qualities as the rubber interior of some rain boots can make your feet more prone to sweating.  

As A Statement Piece

If you aren't the least bit concerned with what people might think about you wearing your rain boots throughout the year, make them your statement piece. Instead of trying to make them blend in with your other clothing, you can make your boots the focal point of your outfit.

If your boots are bright colored, wearing plain denim or black is a great way to make them stand out. If your boots are a darker color, wear a brighter color so that much of the attention will be focused down at your feet.

Don't be discouraged from wearing your college theme rained boots all year. Whether you are at the game, on campus or just out and about, you can showcase your boots with style any time.   

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