How To Help Your Husband Build His Wardrobe

12 August 2015
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Do you sometimes chuckle at the combinations your husband puts together as he gets dressed for the day? If he doesn't know how to choose shirts of colors that will complement a necktie, or if he makes other choices that don't enhance the way he wears his clothes, perhaps he'd appreciate some help from you. Here are some ideas that might help as the two of you build a great wardrobe for his side of the closet:

Start With The Basics - Think of the colors that suit your husband's skin tones and go from there.

  • Does your husband already have a suit that fits him well? If so, great! If not, consider going to a men's store where an experienced clerk will help your husband to select a suit with the perfect fit and in the right color for him. No matter what your husband's skin tone is, a dark suit is pretty necessary. The clerk will help your husband to decide whether black, dark charcoal, or true navy would be the best selection for his coloring.
  • Add two or three other good pants of excellent quality which can be worn with different shirts for a casual business look.
  • Khakis are a great choice, too, as they can be worn with a sport shirt and a leather belt for casual events or paired with a sport coat and a nice shirt and belt for going out to dinner or similar events.

Important Additions - Consider the clothes your husband needs for work.

  • If your husband works in an office, he's all set with the suit and other nicer clothes you helped him select.
  • However, if your husband does manual labor or if he's the foreman on a construction site or other places where dress clothes would not be appropriate, he'll need good work pants.
  • As you shop for your husband's work pants, consider both comfort and durability. Denim and cotton duck are two good choices, even though they might need to be washed a couple of times to remove some of their stiffness. Look for features like triple stitching and heavy duty zippers, too.
  • Once your husband's size is established, you can even order work pants for sale online. If he has a specific brand he knows he already likes, that will make your job even easier. Just select the size he's already wearing. However, if they're not exactly what he wanted, or if they don't fit well, they can be returned with no problem at all. Just remember to keep the paperwork that was in the package when it arrived so you can include it for a return or an exchange. The work pants you buy online will arrive right at your house, saving you from having to shop in busy stores. You won't even have to look for a parking space!

As you select items for your husband's wardrobe, remember that ties are one way that he shows his personality. Add the right shoes for the occasion, and he's all set.