3 Ways To Make Your Marketing More Appealing

19 August 2015
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Marketing is the lifeblood of a successful business. If your marketing isn't working for you, you are missing out on opportunities to sell your product to your ideal client base. For clothing companies, the right marketing moves can help you pinpoint your market and make your products stand out above the rest. Below are 3 helpful ways to make your marketing more appealing.

1: Know Your Competitors

In the clothing industry, competition can be fierce. There are new startups happening all the time, along with veteran companies who know the ropes. Don't let the number of clothing companies discourage you. Instead, find out who your direct competition is. This will allow you to compete effectively without losing your edge, all while maximizing profit. The best way to identify your competitors is to do a little investigating. Call current and potential clients and ask them about who they've used in the past. All you need is the company name of your competitors. Don't hassle your clients for additional details. Once you know the names of those competing with your ideal clients, check them out online. When seeking these competitors out, compare the following:

  • Cost per unit
  • Cost of:
  • Discounts on quantity
  • Rates for shipping

Knowing what your competitors are charging can help you fine tune your prices to maximize your profit while remaining a viable competitor.

2: Online Marketing

Social media is a great tool when it comes to advertising. However, your social media advertising won't go very far if it is referring potential clients to an out of date website. Before using social media to spread the word on your clothing products and prices, make sure your website is appealing and detail oriented without being overwhelming. Cover the ins and outs of your goods and services in a unique and fresh way. This will keep clients interested and satisfied. For those that need further information from you, make sure your contact information is readily available and easy to find.

Once your website has been fine-tuned, spread the word on different social media platforms. Post frequently to your own page as well as the pages of those you wish to do business with. Persistence pays off!

3: Tell Your Story

Most successful businesses start out small and grow into great companies. Tell your story and let your clients know you are capable of achieving great things. They need to know that you are dedicated and that you work to win over and maintain your client base. When companies know how you got your start, they feel like they are forming a personal relationship with you. When your clients feel like they know you and that you care about them on a personal level, you will forge strong relationships with them. These relationships can pay off for years and years to come.

Put your marketing strategies to work for you. When your clients know exactly what you are selling, how much it costs and how they can get in touch with you, you make it easy for them to do business with you. Be personable with current and potential clients. Lastly, be persistent across media platforms to keep your company name relevant and in front of the pack. When you implement these strategies into your business model, you increase your likelihood of success and positive growth.