Order Custom Covid T-Shirts

27 April 2022
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Custom Covid shirts can be used to promote healthy practices designed to keep infections at bay. They can also be used to add a little bit of humor to you and your employees' wardrobe or to inform your clientele about everyone's decision to get vaccinated. Manufacturing Processes Custom shirts are created with standard sewing practices. A particular material type and cut can be used to create garments for you and your workers. Read More 

Searching For Real Velvet Clothing? Try This Alternative Instead.

13 January 2022
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Velvet is a unique fabric that is typically known for being luxurious, costly, and beautiful. Oftentimes, most people associate velvet with royalty or affluence as it was popularized by European monarchs. This traditional velvet material was originally woven from silk in a long, extensive process. Authentic velvet is still around today, but it is extremely rare and extremely high in price. True velvet has become so rare that an alternative has been created. Read More