Searching For Real Velvet Clothing? Try This Alternative Instead.

13 January 2022
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Velvet is a unique fabric that is typically known for being luxurious, costly, and beautiful. Oftentimes, most people associate velvet with royalty or affluence as it was popularized by European monarchs. This traditional velvet material was originally woven from silk in a long, extensive process. Authentic velvet is still around today, but it is extremely rare and extremely high in price. True velvet has become so rare that an alternative has been created. This alternative is synthetic, which means it is completely composed of man-made materials. Synthetic crushed velvet is now almost completely replacing authentic velvet on shelves across the country. Although this may seem like an enormous loss, there are actually quite a few benefits that can be found from selecting to wear synthetic crushed velvet fabric rather than traditional, authentic velvet fabrics. 

Crushed velvet looks slightly different than regular velvet — it has a very unique look and texture. Once transformed into a piece of clothing, this 'crushed' velvet fabric looks shimmery yet sophisticated. When touched, crushed velvet feels soft yet firm. Created from polyester, synthetic crushed velvet material is specifically designed to be finished with a distinct look. During the creation process, the fibers of this fabric are actually pressed in multiple directions, creating the 'crushed' look that we are familiar with. Another way this crushed pattern can be created is by twisting the velvet material while it is still wet, causing the fibers to bend in different directions. Synthetic crushed velvet is usually created with a stretchy base material underneath, which allows clothing and accessories to be easily cut from bolts of this fabric. 

Clothing pieces that have traditionally been made with real velvet are becoming increasingly popular, especially when they are made out of crushed synthetic velvet. Synthetic velvet is a cheaper, more affordable option. This fabric can offer nearly the same luxurious feel that is associated with velvet, and it can also create an elevated look when implemented into any outfit. Clothing and accessory shops offer endless selections of items, ranging from crushed velvet tops to crushed velvet sneakers. Some clothing shops even sell crushed velvet dresses, blazers, and even crushed velvet pants. It is not difficult to find crushed velvet in stores, but searching for it online can offer extended sizing and more color options. Whatever crushed velvet clothing or accessory you choose to wear, you can be sure that it will add an air of sophistication and flair to your outfit, all without breaking the bank.

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