3 Reasons To Use Custom Embroidery On Your Company's Polo Shirts

13 October 2020
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If you give your employees branded polo shirts to wear at work, then you have to choose a way of putting your company name, logo, or message on them. While some companies use printing to do this, you can also use embroidery. What are the advantages?

1. Get A More Professional Look

While custom-printed polo shirts look good, some people respond more positively to embroidered messages. Even though this embroidery is machined rather than done by hand, it looks more complicated than a printed picture.

Your customers and anyone who sees one of your employees wearing a shirt may perceive your embroidery as a higher-end solution. They may see your company in a more professional light.

2. Get A Message That Lasts

Custom printing looks great to start with. However, a print may not stand the test of time all that well.

Some prints fade quickly. If your employees work outdoors, then the print may fade in the sun; repeated washes can also leach color out of a print. Plus, some printed messages can crack or peel off as they get older.

If the printing on a shirt loses its sharpness or starts to break down, then it gives out a less effective message. It won't make your company look good.

If you use embroidery, then you get a long-lasting solution that looks good for longer. Your embroidery shouldn't fade, fray, or break down. Your message will stay sharp and professional.

3. Get More Wear Out Of Your Polo Shirts

While you're happy to invest in custom work shirts, you may not want to spend more on this marketing investment than you need to. Ideally, you should buy good-quality shirts that will last a long time.

However, if you use printing to customize your clothing, then you might need to replace your shirts more often than you want. If your logo or name fades, cracks or peels, then you may need to buy new shirts to sharpen things up again.

Additionally, your employees might find it hard to keep their shirts clean. You may need to wash printed shirts on cool washes to protect the print. This might not be enough to get rid of everyday work stains and dirt. So, again, you might have to buy new shirts more often.

If you use embroidery for your designs, then your shirts can last longer. The embroidery can maintain its look, and it should not problems with hotter washes.

To learn more, contact a custom embroidered polo shirt supplier.