Five Things You Can Do To Make Your Woven Work Shirts Last Longer

16 December 2019
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If the woven, button-down work shirt is an essential part of your everyday wardrobe, you'll go through a lot of these shirts quickly if you don't learn to care for them well.

There are a few things you can do to get more use out of your button-down work shirts regardless of how much demand you place on them through everyday work and recreation.

The following are six things you can do to make your woven work shirts last longer.

Wear an undershirt

Some men wear undershirts simply to stay more comfortable or to improve the appearance of their work shirts.

However, undershirts also give the added advantage of protecting a shirt from sweat and body emissions. An undershirt protects a work shirt from sweat stains that are hard to remove once they develop. 

Put a little white vinegar in the washer with them

White vinegar added to laundry wash water helps to remove a variety of different types of stains and prevents odors from persisting after a run through the wash. In particular, white vinegar is effective at helping to fight yellow sweat stains.

Don't wait too long to wash shirts

If you let dirty work shirts sit too long before washing them, they could become damaged by substances that will soak into their fabrics like leftover deodorant, sweat, dirt, and other types of residue. Do your laundry more often to prolong the life of your work shirts.

Treat stains before they set in

You should respond to stains quickly to minimize the consequences. When it comes to cotton work shirts, you can soak the stain in white vinegar and wash the shirt as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting in. 

Hang dry

Using a machine to dry clothing is convenient, but it also subjects the garment to excessive heat and rigorous movement. When you tumble dry work shirts or any other type of garment, it's hard on the fabric and causes the garment to age faster.

The best thing to do if you want to make your shirts last longer is to hang dry them. 

Invest in quality

Invest in work shirts that are well-made from strong fabrics. Also, select work shirts with heavy stitching and double fabric layers so that you know they're made to be as strong and durable as possible. 

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