Stay Sun Safe When You're on the Gold Course

29 March 2019
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Golfing is a competitive sport that's fun for all ages. People of different abilities can enjoy this test of skill and hand-eye coordination. The beautiful locations are one of the best parts of golfing; you get the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature on a lush, sunny golf course. However, the harsh rays of the sun can cause sunburn and even skin cancer if you don't protect yourself properly. Here are four tips to help you stay sun-safe on the golf course:

1. Reapply sunscreen frequently.

When you know you're going to be out in the sun all day, bring your tube of sunscreen with you. It's great to apply sunscreen before you leave the house, but that initial application won't last all day. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you should reapply your sunscreen at least every two hours. Use a waterproof sunscreen if you expect to sweat, and reapply more frequently if you accidentally rub your sunscreen off.

2. Wear the right shirt.

Men's golf apparel can be an excellent form of sun protection. If you don't like the feel of sunscreen on your skin, choose a long-sleeved golf shirt. Many golf courses and country clubs have clothing regulations that must be adhered to, but you can find long-sleeved shirts with collars that satisfy most of these rules. Remember that heat stroke is another common concern for golfers. If you're not sure which color to choose, pick lighter colors like white and beige. These colors reflect the sun rather than absorbing it, which will help you feel cooler.

3. Add a hat or visor to your outfit.

While sunscreen can provide protection, you should also try to keep the sun off the delicate skin of your face. Hats are excellent for this. Select a hat with a brim that will keep the overhead sun from burning your cheeks and nose. If you don't like the aesthetic of hats, visors are another fantastic option. Visors provide extra ventilation to keep the top of your head cool. Just remember to put sunscreen on the top of your head, since the sun can burn your scalp too.

4. Choose long pants.

Finally, you may want to consider long pants, unless you're committed to reapplying sunscreen to your legs throughout the day. Khaki pants are stylish and cool, especially when made from breathable material like linen or cotton. Choose lightweight fabrics if heat is a concern.