3 Keys To Picking A Modest White Dress For Your Casual Country Wedding

19 December 2018
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You have the venue picked out, the flowers in mind, and every other detail down to the groom's tie pretty much planned out, but your casual country wedding calls for a wedding dress that is a bit more modest, and that can prove to be a challenge. Modern wedding dresses often have a lot of flashy details and revealing features, but the vision you have of yourself on your wedding day just does not fit those modern ideas. Picking out a modest white dress for your casual country wedding day can be a challenge for sure. Here are a few tips to help you along. 

Look for a dress that has antique features. 

A long time ago, dresses were most often made by hand, which meant a lot of the flashy details were lacking. Just the same, there are certain things that an older dress may have had, such as eyelet lace around the cuffs or hem or a crocheted neckline. These dresses with these antiquated features often have a more modest, country appeal. Therefore, when you are in the process of picking out the right dress, make sure you are paying careful attention to these added details. 

Look for a dress that cinches slightly at the waist and falls loosely at the hip. 

When you want a more modest style, it is critical that you carefully consider the cut of the dress. Modest does not have to be boring or shapeless. Modest is more of a matter of class. Look for a dress that cinches a little at the waist to highlight your shape, but flairs outward along the hipline so the dress is not hugging your every curve. The result will be a gorgeous dress that will flow with you as you move gracefully and will not look too revealing or restrictive. 

Look for white temple dresses as potential options. 

Temple dresses that are often worn as part of spiritual or certain church ceremonies can be a good option for a casual country wedding because these dresses are modest and simple in their design. If you are having a lot of trouble narrowing down the right wedding dress, consider looking for a dress that is advertised as a temple dress instead of a wedding dress or bridal gown. You may be surprised to find that the options better fit the idea for your wedding dress that you have in mind.