Are You Making This A Practical Christmas When It Comes To Giving Gifts?

4 November 2018
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Are you empty nesters with all of your kids grown up and living in their own homes? Perhaps you don't have any little children any more and you haven't been blessed with grandchildren yet. If that's the case, it must seem strange not to be buying things like toys and sports equipment.

You may be fully aware that, at least for now, your grown children are carefully watching their money. If that's the case, they might have hinted that they would like practical gifts for Christmas this year, things they actually need. From selecting work boots and work clothes to slipping in something fun, here are some ideas that might help you.

Work Shoes - Do any of your kids work in jobs where they are supposed to wear closed-toe, heavy shoes? Whether it's as a construction worker, a person who loads grocery shelves, or any other job where work boots are needed, your kids would more than likely truly appreciate receiving work boots for Christmas.

Even if they already have a pair, a second pair would be great to have. After all, the pair they already own will eventually wear out. The great thing about work boots is that they come in different price ranges, so you should be able to find good ones you can afford.

What about shoes for your grown children who don't wear work boots? Athletic shoes or comfortable shoes will still probably be greatly appreciated. Just be sure to get exact sizes before you shop, or give gift cards to the stores where your kids like to shop for their footwear. 

Something Fun - Have you heard of countries where children put out shoes instead of Christmas stockings? Well, you can have some fun with that idea, too. When your adult children open their gift, consider having something special stuck inside of the boots. For example, one boot could have a favorite treat in it while the other boot might have movie tickets in it. Or, if you are shopping for girls, consider putting lotion in one boot and a great pair of earrings in the other boot.

And, of course, money is probably going to be appreciated, too. Think of giving them to money in a creative way. For example, put the money in an empty candy wrapper and place it in one of the boots. Talk about a welcome surprise on Christmas morning!