Purchase Your Son Champion Brand Clothing And Accessories For Fitness Sessions And An Archery Contest

26 August 2018
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If your adult son plans on losing weight this fall prior to competing in an archery contest next spring, support him in his endeavors by purchasing him some Champion brand clothing items, such as from Premier VII, and accessories that he can wear during his fitness sessions and the competition.

Choose Merchandise That Is Comfortable And Versatile

Whether your son will be exercising outdoors on brisk days or working up a sweat while in a gym, brushed cotton that contains an inner core that is designed to absorb perspiration will keep your loved one dry while he is pushing his body to its limits. Performance clothing includes popular garments such as tank tops, long-sleeved crew shirts, basic tees, shorts, sweatpants, and hoodies.

Think about your son's personal style when deciding which items to purchase. If he will be exercising throughout the summer, fall, and winter, then purchase clothing that is versatile and designed for all types of weather.

Even if you opt for garments that are lightweight, your son can wear several layers on colder days. Clothing that utilizes dual layer technology is another viable choice. This type of clothing often features a lightweight exterior and a fleece or cotton lining.

View Color And Pattern Options

Don't settle on one basic clothing color or pattern without viewing the various color shades and patterns that are available. Use the seasons as guides when selecting specific fabric types, so that your loved one can choose from darker colored items during the fall and winter and lighter colored items during the spring, since these color schemes are often recognized and more likely to be worn during specific times of the year.

Ask your son for his current measurements so that you can purchase clothing that is slightly larger than his current size. Avoid purchasing Champion clothing that is too large, however, because your loved one will probably want to continue to wear his new garments after he has lost some weight and will prefer to have the clothing accentuate specific parts of his body that he has toned up after participating in his workout sessions for a while. 

Purchase Accessories And Surprise Your Son

Thermal or cotton socks, a headband, and wristbands are some accessories that will complement the workout wear and will increase each exercise session's comfort level.

Place all of the clothing items and the accessories inside of a duffel bag and surprise your loved one with the purchases. Your son can bring the bag along with him to a community gym or fitness center and will be able to store an extra set of clothing and accessories inside of the bag.