From Concert To Work Meeting: Three Ways To Style A Flower Tunic Dress

11 April 2018
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Flowered tunic dresses, such as from Shanalina, are becoming more and more popular among women, and for good reason! There are few other clothing items that are quite as versatile as these dresses. The loose fit lets you wear the dress over leggings or with a belt, and the cool color variation makes it easy to coordinate your dress with various jewelry. You can truly dress it up or dress it down! Here's a look at three ways to style your flower tunic dress.

1. Chic and Classy

This look is good for the office or for dinner out at a nice restaurant. You could even wear it to an interview as a nice departure from the classic pants suit. Find a thin belt, preferably made from leather, to cinch around your waist and give the dress a more form-fitting appearance. Pull on a pair of nylons for a polished look, and reach for some subtle black or tan heels. These tone down the loud flower pattern in the dress. A thin silver chain necklace and simple pair of diamond or pearl earrings complete the look.

2. Rustic and Country

Wear this look to an outdoor concert or even to a friend's barbecue party. You will look causal, but well-kept. Plus a dress is so much more comfortable than shorts on a hot summer day! Don't wear anything on your legs under the dress, and don't put a belt around your waist, either. Do don a pair of western boots and a long, dangling necklace -- preferably one with matching leather embellishments. A western hat is a nice accent, but not absolutely necessary.

3. Cute and Girly

This is the look you want when you go out with your girlfriends, embark on a wine tour, or do some shopping at nice boutiques. If it's chilly outside, put a pair of leggings on under the dress. Otherwise, it's fine to go bare-legged. Put a thick belt around your waist to accentuate your waistline, and then pop on a pair of strappy sandals with a little heel. A few long, beaded necklaces in colors that match the flowers on the dress complete your look. You can also place a few flower barrettes in your hair if you like.

Try out these styling options, and you will soon fall in love with your flower tunic dress. Add a few to your collection, and you'll never find yourself without something to wear.