Have Fun Shopping For Camping Gear!

6 February 2018
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Have you decided that it will soon be warm enough to take your family camping? Or, perhaps you are having something like a Scout adventure where your troop will be camping in the snow. You might also be preparing to go camping at a place where you can hunt or fish al by your lonesome. For whatever reason you are planning a camping trip, part of the fun is preparing for your upcoming adventure, and that includes shopping. From making a list to shopping at a military surplus store, here are some ideas that might help you to be well prepared before you even arrive at your destination.

Get Organized - If you're going solo on your camping trip, things might be easier for you, as you're the only one to consider what you'll need. However, if you're going with family members, friends, or a Scout troop, you will probably want to pay attention to detail. For example, if you're going camping with a bunch of young boys or girls, you'll want to find out if any of them have food allergies or any other special needs. And, of course, you'll need to plan to make purchases of the things you will need. Think about starting by making a list of the items you'll need. Then make an inventory of things you already have, or of things other people can contribute. Be sure to have everybody label his or her own belongings so that they'll go home with the people who brought the items.

Go Shopping - After you've compiled the list of things you'll need on your camping trip, of course you'll want to go shopping for those items you don't already own. Consider shopping at a military surplus store where you can more than likely buy pretty much everything on your list, except the food you'll need. The clerks at the store can help you with decisions you need to make, too. For example, if you're not sure what kind of tent you want to buy, the clerk at the military surplus store will help you to shop for the right one. Think about buying large coolers you'll need for food. Also, consider buying sturdy clothes and boots that will last through this camping trip and future ones, too. If you're going camping with a bunch of kids, consider buying camouflage T-shirts for the entire group. The military surplus store will probably have those, too.

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