Baby Pirates Of Penzance, Or Baby Sailors: You Choose

13 December 2017
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Dressing baby boys up in nautical baby boy clothes has long been a motherly thing. Of course, nautical applies to anything sea-related, or ocean-going explorers. This theme even stretches so far as to include pirates. Each of these seafaring styles has something going for it, including the hows and whys you would want to dress your baby boy this way.

If you search for trends or popularity in baby boy nautical clothing, you will find that even the really big, pricey retailers are pulling out all the stops to offer these clothes. If you know of anyone who likes to follow the baby clothes trends, and has recently had a baby boy, maybe you could supply them with some of the following clothing items. If you, personally, have a baby boy, then you might want to shop for the following, too.

Sailor Outfits

Usually, you dress little baby boys in sailor outfits to take pictures. Sometimes you will dress older boys in sailor outfits to match their baby brothers and then take photos of them together. Of course, you could also be dressing the boys in sailor outfits because their dad is in the navy, and then he and the boys pictured in navy outfits makes perfect sense. Finally, nautical outfits are also designed to be worn when the whole family goes boating, in which case a sailor outfit on your little guy is the perfect attire.

Yacht Club Nautical Outfits

Khakis, polo shirts, and boat shoes are the standard attire for anyone in a yacht club. When you put a baby boy in this attire, he looks quite dressed up. It is also the perfect attire to go anywhere where you would be expected to dress nice, including summer weddings, church, and, of course, a yacht club clubhouse or restaurant. Since babies often spit up on their clothes and/or make quite a mess of them, you may want to buy a couple of backup outfits to bring along in case your little guy makes a mess. There are also some nautical-themed baby bibs that can help control messes and keep the outfits clean, if that interests you.

"Pirate" Outfits

Pirate-type outfits for baby boys include gender-neutral tunics and stretchy pants. These are very comfortable for little ones, and easy to wash, too. Some outfits also include leather-like vests and/or belts. To protect the very sensitive skin on your baby's head, there are bandanas you can tie around the baby's head to keep the sun at bay.

Parents who choose this sort of nautical clothing do so because they favor gender neutrality, or because they love the fact that the garments are well-suited to diapered baby bottoms and comfy enough for baby bellies. There are also people who attend many a cosplay event or a Renaissance fair and want outfits for their babies to wear. Finally, photos are always a resounding reason to dress your baby (boy or girl!) in "pirate" outfits.

Where to Find Each of the Above Nautical-Related Clothing Options for Babies

Yacht club outfits can be found in specialty clothing stores for infants, or in stores where boating goods and boating wear are sold. The sailor outfits may also be a special item, but you could find such things in a thrift store or online as well. The "pirate" clothing is typically sold by costume shops or online, but you could also make your own if you happen to know how to use a pattern and a sewing machine. (Many mothers opt for patterns and sewing machines for any of the above as it cuts down the costs of buying more than one full outfit. If you cannot sew, but know someone who does, you may want to try that route.)