Vintage Tie Dye Shirts: 7 Creative Ways to Indulge Your Inner Hippie

11 November 2016
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If the notion of recreating a '60s hippie look appeals to you, begin with a vintage tie dye shirt. For your nostalgic hippie fashion trip, complement your tie dye T-shirt with hippie-inspired jewelry and accessories. Here are 7 creative ways to indulge your inner hippie:

1. Select the Perfect Vintage Tie Dye T-Shirt: Choose a rock star vintage tie dye shirt with an imprinted photo of your favorite hippie-era band. Perhaps you'd dig the Grateful Dead logo with those colorful bears that symbolize their music. Maybe a Woodstock guitar logo would be more your thing. Either of these could be printed on a tie dye background.

Maybe you'd prefer a straight up vintage tie dye shirt in blazing colors. That's fine too, and it will epitomize the hippie scene. For a nice touch, choose a tie dye T-shirt with a peace symbol in the center. Maybe you'll find a vintage tie dye T shirt with a statement, such as "Give Peace a Chance" or "Hippie Generation," both of which are symbolic of that era. 

2. Think Fringe: Anything with fringe will complement a vintage tie dye shirt nicely. A fringed suede vest or jacket, fringed boots, or moccasins will make a nice hippie statement and add to your tie dye attire. For an added touch, ladies can accessorize with a fringed vintage-style purse.

3. Buy Some Vintage '60s Jewelry: The hippie chicks (and guys) loved to wear love beads. These will coordinate nicely with your tie dye shirt. Alternatively, you might choose a corded peace symbol pendant. Long flowing earrings for the ladies will look nice with tie dye shirts, too.

4. Jazz up Your Jeans:  Faded bell-bottomed blue jeans will look great with any vintage style tie dye T-shirt. Take it one step further and add some iron-on patches. Choose transfers like peace signs, butterflies, music, or anything else that reflects the attitude of that time.

5. Tie Dye a Coordinating Accessory: This one is for the ladies. Consider tie dying a solid color handbag at home. You might also tie dye some solid color hair ribbons or even a headband. If you're not inclined to do it yourself, look for tie dye hair accessories or handbags at your local vintage thrift store.

6. Wear a Floppy Hat: To top off your hippie look, choose a floppy style hat. The hippies also wore colorful knit beanie caps, so try one on for size. 

7. Don't Forget the Shades: Think John Lennon-style round, wire-rimmed, colored sunglasses. Choose a tint that will match the color of your tie dye T-shirt. 

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