3 Ways To Make Your Laundromat Stand Out

29 September 2016
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Owning a laundromat is a great way to make a living while providing a needed service to your community. With around 35,000 laundromats or coin-operated laundry facilities in operation across the US, it can be fairly easy for potential customers to find a service when they want to wash their clothes. Since there are likely a few laundromats in your own community, you want your laundry services to stand out so you can bring in more potential customers. Here are 3 ways you can do that for your business.

Sitting area

Most laundromats offer a television on the wall with a few chairs underneath it to entertain customers while they wait for their clothing to dry. Offer a sitting area as part of your services, complete with a vending machine for snacks and beverages (added revenue for your business), a television, a table for playing games or reading, a magazine tray with current reads, and a smaller table with a few toys to keep younger children distracted. You can even add a small couch for resting. This can make a huge difference to your customers who want to feel more comfortable while they wait for their clothing to finish washing or drying.

Free Wi-Fi

Since so many people own smartphones or tablets, it's wise to offer free Wi-Fi in your facility. To keep people from simply parking in your parking lot to take advantage of the service, make sure there is a password associated with your laundromat's Wi-Fi for guests. People may be willing to choose your laundry facilities over all others in town simply for the convenience of being able to use Wi-Fi on their device to watch movies, catch up on social media, and more while they wait for their clothing to wrap up.

Small store

You may already have laundry soap dispensers in your laundromat that customers can use to buy small boxes of supplies they need. You can add a small store to your laundromat that is manned when you have someone on-staff, selling other necessities people may need, including:

  • packages of hangers
  • laundry bags/baskets
  • air fresheners/dryer sheets
  • fabric softener
  • snacks and beverages

You want your laundromat to be a success, and one way to do that is by making sure you have amenities that can help your establishment stand out. The more comfortable you can make your customers, the more likely they are to choose your laundry services over the many other facilities that exist in your area. Check out companies like South Street Laundromat for more ideas.