How To Make The World A Better Place And Feel Really Comfortable Doing It

31 August 2016
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Sometimes it is not enough to send food and water and other goods overseas to help the economically disadvantaged. Sometimes, you wish you could do so much more. It leaves you feeling a little uncomfortable in your own skin, especially since you do not know for certain that your financial donations went where they were supposed to or even if your food and water donations helped the people you intended to help. What about that old adage of teaching a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime? So many quandaries, but all can be fixed by buying THEA cotton nightgowns. Here is how to make the world a better place and feel really comfortable doing it.

THEA Cotton Nightgowns: What They Stand for and How They Are Made

The acronym, THEA, stands for Threads of Hope for Economic Advancement. The company is situated in the Philippines and every single nightgown is handmade by an economically disadvantaged woman who lives there. The company teaches each of these ladies how to sew, how to make special stitching and decorative touches on the nightgowns, and even how to pattern and cut the fabric pieces before sewing them together by hand. For every nightgown each lady produces, she earns a portion of the purchase price, which she can use to support herself and her family. When you buy these nightgowns, you are supporting the program that teaches so many ladies a set of skills that will help keep them off the streets and keep them safe.

How the Nightgowns Feel and How They May Make You Feel Emotionally

Every nightgown is made of 100% pure brushed cotton. Some may also be a blend of cotton and linen. You may also feel a sense of pride knowing that you helped someone, albeit indirectly, learn a trade and help these ladies out of economic poverty.  (The THEA company may facilitate the ordering and shipping of the nightgowns you purchase, but all in all, they make sure these ladies are paid well for the work they do.)

Where/How You Can Buy Them

THEA sells the ladies' work online. Some exclusive retailers might carry a few of the styles, but you might pay more to buy them through the retailers. Because each of these nightgowns is handcrafted and hand-sewn, you should expect some mild variations in the stitching and that they may take a while to ship from THEA direct.

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