Three Clothing Pieces To Wear During Your First Motorcycle Ride On The Coast

10 August 2016
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Once you learn how to ride a motorcycle, you may prefer your long distance rides to take place on a bike. No only do you get a chance to experience the difference being out on the open road in an open bike, but you also get a chance to have a better view of nature. Especially if you are interested in going on a bike ride near the ocean, you will have the opportunity to smell the salty air near the coast and hear the actual waves crashing into the shore. But before you head out on your coastal ride, you need to prepare your clothing and consider some triumph motorcycle accessories. Here are some clothing pieces that will properly prepare you for a safe and comfortable ride. 

Helmet with face guard

When you are riding around near the coast, depending on how close you are to the beaches, you may have sand in the air, which can get into your eyes. When riding your motorcycle, find a good helmet with a full face guard. This will protect your eyes and your face when you are riding by the beach. To protect your neck and chin, you may also select a bandanna with spandex that can remain around your neck and chin, no matter how fast you are riding.

Loose jacket with roll up sleeves

When riding on a motorcycle, you will be exposed to the elements and winds, which means that you want to protect your body. Long jeans are a necessity. Along with jeans, you should pick a loose jacket for a ride to the coast. You don't want a tight jacket during the hot summer months, as this may stick to your skin during the ride and make you sweaty and uncomfortable. Select a loose jacket with sleeves that you can easily roll up. This way, if you are a little hot during your ride, you can cuff the sleeves and enjoy a little of the nearby ocean mist and wind. 

Quality leather ankle boots

One of the most important motorcycle accessories that you need for any ride is quality boots. For a ride near the coast in the summer, go with a pair of leather ankle boots. Make sure the boots are a hard leather so that they will not catch or rip at the tips when you are moving your feet during the ride, or if you tend to put your toes down on the asphalt when you are stopping. Skip the socks underneath the ankle boots so that if you pull over and make a stop at the beach, you can easily slip off your boots and feel the warm, summer sand.