Three Tips For Caring For Your Monogrammed Shirts

23 May 2016
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Monogrammed clothing can be an excellent way to provide employees or group members with shirts that have a custom logo. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that may not realize the type of care that these shirts require. To help ensure that the monogramming lasts for as long as possible, you should make sure to use the following few tips.

Flip The Shirt Inside Out

Washing your monogrammed shirt will be an unavoidable type of maintenance that will be needed. However, the monogrammed stitching can be damaged by rubbing against other items of clothing or the sides of the washer. As a result, you will want to make sure that you turn the shirt inside out before you wash it. This simple step can drastically reduce the amount of wear and tear that your shirt sustains.

Avoid The Dryer

Putting your clothes in the dryer may seem like the most effective way of drying them, but it can prove harmful to monogrammed stitching. This is due to the fact that the intense heat of the dryer can cause the threading to shrink, which can lead to distortions.

To avoid this type of damage, you should always allow your monogrammed clothing to air dry. If you will be placing the garment in direct sunlight to air dry, you should make sure that it is inside out to avoid the risk of the sun's rays bleaching the stitching. While this may seem like an inefficient way of drying clothing, it can be a very gentle way of drying your clothing after washing it.

Apply Stain Guard To The Monogramming

Stains can be a serious threat to any type of clothing. However, this can be especially true of monogramming because it may not be possible to vigorously scrub the stitching without damaging it. To help keep your garment safe from this type of damage, you should consider applying a stain guard. These substances will form a protective layer over the monogramming, which will keep pigments from being absorbed into the fabric. While a stain guard can be an effective way of protecting monogrammed clothing, you will want to reapply it every few weeks to ensure that it does not wash off when you do the laundry.

If you own monogrammed clothing, it is important for you to understand the type of care that these garments need to ensure that they look great for as long as possible. By understanding the benefits of flipping the clothes inside out when washing, air drying them and applying a stain guard to the monogramming, you will be better able to get the most from your clothes. Click here for more information about caring for monogrammed clothing.