Work Boots That Offer Style And Safety

6 August 2015
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Work boots are one of the most important pieces of safety gear many people wear. In certain trades, where the wearer is consistently exposed to hazardous conditions, durability and comfort are what matters. However, not everyone is happy with the look of traditional boots, and people may want something a little more stylish. This could be because their position requires them to also meet professionally with clients or just because their own fashion sense makes them want to look good. There are ways to have a more fashionable appearance without sacrificing safety.

Protect Against Mud and Rain

Slip-on mud and rain boots are not a typical work boot, but they are useful in many situations. These boots are taller than the average work boot and water repellent, so they are great for keeping feet dry. Lined boots are available for use in cooler temperatures, and some also have steel toes. They are available in numerous fashionable colors and their roomy, no-lace design makes them a breeze to slip on and off. Their one drawback is that many lack good support for the feet or the shock absorption of other work shoes, so they are not the most comfortable option for those who spend long days on their feet.

Casual but Stylish Protection

One of the most popular styles of work boots today are those that look as good on the weekends as they do on a workday. The design that meets this need the best are the western style work wear. Cowboy boots from places like Cowpokes have been a favorite in the United States for decades and they have now been adapted into comfortable safety wear. Available in steel toe and water resistant designs, they are as attractive as any fashion boot and perfect for when it is necessary to move between office and work areas frequently.

The Work Boot in Disguise

Not everyone loves boots no matter how stylish they may be. Of course, they still love their feet, which means they have to find a compromise somewhere. For these people there are work shoes that give the appearance of an everyday shoe, but offer more protection. Many of these may not be acceptable for a commercial construction site, but are usually protection enough for industrial settings and residential construction. These shoes and sneakers offer shock absorbing, non-slip soles, water resistant materials and some even include steel toes and reflective designs for better nighttime visibility. For the office executive, there are numerous styles of steel-toe shoes that easily transition from one location to another and do not appear to be anything more than a traditional dress shoe.

It is possible to find footwear that meets safety regulations and appeals to the wearer aesthetically. It may require shopping from specialty retailers or looking online to find a specific design. Since every work site has their own guidelines, it is always important to know what is required before making any purchase.