3 Keys To Picking A Modest White Dress For Your Casual Country Wedding

19 December 2018
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You have the venue picked out, the flowers in mind, and every other detail down to the groom's tie pretty much planned out, but your casual country wedding calls for a wedding dress that is a bit more modest, and that can prove to be a challenge. Modern wedding dresses often have a lot of flashy details and revealing features, but the vision you have of yourself on your wedding day just does not fit those modern ideas. Read More 

Are You Making This A Practical Christmas When It Comes To Giving Gifts?

4 November 2018
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Are you empty nesters with all of your kids grown up and living in their own homes? Perhaps you don't have any little children any more and you haven't been blessed with grandchildren yet. If that's the case, it must seem strange not to be buying things like toys and sports equipment. You may be fully aware that, at least for now, your grown children are carefully watching their money. If that's the case, they might have hinted that they would like practical gifts for Christmas this year, things they actually need. Read More 

Purchase Your Son Champion Brand Clothing And Accessories For Fitness Sessions And An Archery Contest

26 August 2018
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If your adult son plans on losing weight this fall prior to competing in an archery contest next spring, support him in his endeavors by purchasing him some Champion brand clothing items, such as from Premier VII, and accessories that he can wear during his fitness sessions and the competition. Choose Merchandise That Is Comfortable And Versatile Whether your son will be exercising outdoors on brisk days or working up a sweat while in a gym, brushed cotton that contains an inner core that is designed to absorb perspiration will keep your loved one dry while he is pushing his body to its limits. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Wearing A Medical Alert Band

21 July 2018
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Taking care of yourself as you get older will require more effort. The last thing you'll want to deal with is a medical emergency, but this can happen. One of the top ways to assist you in the event something does occur when you're home alone is by having a medical alert band you can use. Medical alert bands are devices that may enable you to feel more at peace when living alone. Read More 

From Concert To Work Meeting: Three Ways To Style A Flower Tunic Dress

11 April 2018
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Flowered tunic dresses, such as from Shanalina, are becoming more and more popular among women, and for good reason! There are few other clothing items that are quite as versatile as these dresses. The loose fit lets you wear the dress over leggings or with a belt, and the cool color variation makes it easy to coordinate your dress with various jewelry. You can truly dress it up or dress it down! Read More